Ten Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School

For any child, starting school can be an extremely difficult and anxiety ridden experience. Children easily become accepting and comforted by their “home” environment, and often we see that most children are hesitant to go someplace new and see new people they’ve never met before. This is to be expected and quite normal, however, we wanted to put together a list of ways in which you can help you and your child to become better prepared as they enter their school years:

  1. ALWAYS Attend Your Child’s Back-to-School Nights and Parent-Teacher Conferences
  2. Make Sure to Visit the School and Read the School’s Website
  3. Discuss and Support the Teacher’s Homework Expectations
  4. Make Sure You Send Your Child to School Ready to Learn
  5. Teach Your Child Basic Organizational Skills
  6. Discuss and Review Proper Study Skills
  7. Know the School’s Disciplinary Policies
  8. Get Involved in Your Child’s School Life
  9. Take School Attendance Seriously
  10. Make Time to Talk to Your Child About Their School, Their Friends, and their Teachers

We believe that if you follow these simple guidelines, that your child’s school years will be rich and rewarding and better prepare them for success later in life.