Check Ups

Check Ups

During a child’s first several years, rapid and drastic physical and mental growth occurs. Throughout these important development years, your child’s overall health and wellness is not only dependent upon proper medical care when your child is ill, but preventative care, and routine well-care visits are equally important.

Your child’s wellness visits allow our trained pediatricians and staff to assess your child’s development, investigate and monitor areas of concern, while giving you the chance to ask questions and voice concerns about your growing child.

For children aged 3 years and older, our well-care visits typically include an in-depth learning and developmental evaluation, in addition to a full physical examination. Prior to your visit, we recommend that you make a complete list of any questions or concerns you may have regarding your child.

This will help us focus our attention on your immediate issues and ensure that you get all the information you need during your appointment.

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