Newborn Care

Newborn Care

Congratulations! You Have Welcomed a New Baby to Your Family!

At Advanced Preventive Care Pediatrics, we understand that choosing a pediatrician for your newborn is probably the most important decision you will ever make.  This decision is often overwhelming for new parents. Your new baby is precious and of course you want the best possible care for them. Since most hospitals in Florida require a scheduled appointment with a pediatrician BEFORE you are allowed to leave the hospital after your baby’s birth, it is best to have selected a pediatrician before you going into the hospital.  This will help you avoid uneducated, and rushed decisions, something you never want to do when caring for your child.

Scheduled Check Ups For Your Baby

Even the healthiest of newborns require regularly scheduled check ups and care. It is important to determine the positive and natural development of your baby. At APC Pediatrics we have a recommended schedule of routine appointments to insure parents that their baby is progressing naturally. During these routine examinations a baby’s weight is recorded, their head circumference is measured, their belly button is monitored, appropriate vaccinations are administered, and an overall general visual inspection is given to rule out any visible negative conditions. At APC Pediatrics, we will dive deep into your pregnancy, asking questions about your labor and delivery, including any complications, as well as, how your baby is eating, sleeping, and more. We will address any concerns, you as a parent, may have regarding caring for your newborn, including those related to eating, sleeping, diaper rashes, and crying.

Dr. Federico Frias

Choose APC Pediatrics for Your Newborn's Care

APC Pediatrics has been providing world-class pediatric care for over 12 years to hundreds of patients throughout Southwest Florida. We treat your children, as if they were our own. The doctors at APC Pediatrics are more than happy to meet with you to help you decide if they are the right pediatricians to care for your baby. We have a long list of happy patients and their children who would provide references, in English or Spanish, should you require further evidence of our skills. We also understand the financial realities of selecting a pediatrician for your newborn, and recommend that before making a final decision, you contact your health insurance company to make sure your desired pediatrician is covered.

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